Bedroom Décor This Winter

Discover the perfect tips for a cosy winter bedroom

As the weather begins to turn colder, you will want to adjust your bedroom accordingly. You want it to be a cosy oasis of warmth to get you through the winter months. So have a read at our ideas on how to transform your bedroom this winter.
Texture is Key
Adding textures to your bedroom is on trend this winter season. You will want thick knit, chunky blankets or cosy furs to add warmth to the room. You want to be using heavy textures to keep your room warm, for example, if you have wooden or laminate floorings you may consider getting a furry rug which will be lovely to step onto on those cold dark winter mornings.
A Touch of Magic
With winter comes Christmas, and whilst you don't want to make your bedroom look like Santa's grotto for the whole winter. You can take little touches of festive magic to improve your bedroom. Think silver and gold metallic or glass ornaments hanging from the ceiling with satin ribbons. Add a few candles and fairy lights to create soft lighting in your room; this could be a lovely touch as they can create some shadows and shaped silhouettes.
Go Mad for Plaid
This classic pattern, whilst it may seem a little festive, it is not entirely associated with Christmas. It does evoke feelings of warmth and comfort though. Traditional plaid colours of red, green or blue add a touch of deep colour to an otherwise plain bedroom. You want to accent the room with deep jewel colours such as this, so a throw or pillow in plaid will add a focal point of warmth to the room. This adds a touch of old school elegance to a bedroom.
Build Up the Layers
Whilst it might be cosy to be lying in bed whilst the wind is howling outside, or the rain or snow are lashing down, this is only true if you are warm. So make sure that your bed has suitable layers on it. Start with flannel sheets on the bottom, then quilts, followed by folded blankets at the foot of the bed, and maybe a throw or two. Add some extra decorative pillows on top to complete the look.
Jewel Tones
You might assume that you only want colours that invoke fiery warmth, but deeper cooler tones will perk up your room when the sun goes down. Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Ruby colours all work well to enhance a bedroom and make it feel warmer. Just remember with deep colours a little goes a long way so don't overdo it.
Winter White is Right
Whilst you might use white in summer to evoke feelings of coolness, but in winter white works equally well to chase away the chills. You want clean-looking whites and creams to evoke cosiness. But make sure that you perk it up with the odd splash of colour as well, as you don't want it to be completely bland. Maybe some purple lavender flowers or a splash of pastel tone will add to the room.