What’s on Your Wish List this Christmas?

Haven't made a wish list yet, here's one that you might like.

 As we get older and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, Christmas stops being about lists for Santa and starts becoming lists of things we have to do. The meal, the shopping, the presents for everyone else, and rarely do we get asked what we want. The kids always get to make their lists, and we dutifully provide them with everything they want, but adults never get asked what they desire. So we have decided to write our wish list this Christmas and perhaps some of them will come true.
 Dear Santa
I have been really good this year, and I have worked hard and done everything I should, so this year I am writing to you with my own wish list.
1. A New House
It is time for me to move, this house has been a great home but it is time for a new change. If you could find a way to make my new house a priority I will get this house ready for the market. I will do all my paperwork and make sure the mortgage is in place and employ a great agent to get it sold for me. I would very much like the house of my dreams to appear on the market right when I need it, on budget and waiting for me. I don’t mind redecorating or doing a little DIY, but I really would like to find a house in a perfect location with a great local community, with the right number of bedrooms with my name on it.
2. A Garden Makeover
I always mean to get out and sort the garden, really I do, but you know how time slips away. I’d love a gazebo, and maybe a new BBQ, I think these would be perfect additions to selling the house. That way, potential buyers can see what a beautiful space this is, and how much they could do with it throughout all the seasons. I know it isn’t great with a broken swing and the well-loved trampoline that is now falling apart but I have made a checklist of what needs changing i.e. getting some new pots and plants, re painting the fence and a new lawn mower. If I want my house to sell, I must make time for this and save.
3. To Have a Holiday
Well, you know, a break is good especially when there is somewhere hot to go. I would really like a pool and a lounger, if possible a beach with golden sand and perhaps my in-laws to take the kids on a holiday so I can enjoy some ‘me’ time. I have started to save some money each month and have found some great holiday packages – so I would really like this at some point in 2020 after I have found my dream home.  
Thanks, Santa, hopefully, yours!